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The Inventory promotes country-led efforts to measure democratic governance. The Inventory is a unique database that provides information on initiatives to measure governance in countries conducted by national stakeholder. It includes information on the scope, aims, methods and outcomes of recent and current initiatives across the world.

Governance indicators produced by national stakeholders may stand a better chance of being used by national stakeholders than indicators produced externally. The data produced by the initiatives in this database may assist national stakeholders to improve on governance and to hold governments to account.

The database may also contain relevant information to people who are planning to do a governance assessment. Contact information for the respective initiatives is provided for users that would like to network, share knowledge, obtain datasets or learn more about the initiatives than what is available here. If you know of an initiative, or your organization has brought forth an initiative of measuring democracy, human rights or governance, we kindly invite you to fill in our online questionnaire. It may be of high interest to others!

The database includes initiatives that were mapped in a world-wide survey conducted by Metagora in 2004, and initiatives posted by users ever since.

Please note that initiatives contained in this inventory do not necessarily reflect the views of UNDP.