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Enabling Good Urban Governance

Geographical Scope: 
Type of Initiatives:
  • Europe and CIS
  • Albania
The ultimate goal of EGUG Phase II is to promote best practices in Albania through supporting local governments, non-governmental organizations and the business community to engage constructively in the development, implementation and dissemination of good urban governance practices at selected localities.
The aim of such initiative is the creation of Albanian models in urban area which can be further enriched through organizing trainings, seminars, workshops, scientific research, etc.
Possible areas for interventions are the following:
  1. Designing Action and Strategic Plans for City Development, such as designing urban projects and land use plans, designing strategies for local economic development and designing action plans in co-operation with the local community.
  2. Institutional Capacity Building of the Municipalities, such as: lobbying to mobilize financial resources for implementing on the ground development projects for the locality; enabling professional capabilities of the local staff; managing municipality finances; strengthening organizational structures of the municipalities, etc.
  3. Implementing on the Ground Projects. Aiming at implementing action and strategic plans, the program will assist the two selected municipalities in mobilizing financial resources.
Such projects intend to support joint initiatives coming from local government, local NGO s and business community.
Funding sources: 
Dutch Government
Source of Data: 
Using a combination of own and existing data
Type of Data Collection: 
Administrative Data
Focus groups
In depth interviews
Panel of experts
Random sample population survey
Secondary sources
Main Users: 
Civil society
Donor agencies
International agencies
Policy makers