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How Democratic is Latvia?

Geographical Scope: 

This initiative attempts to measure democratic perceptions, attitudes and hopes of citizens in Latvia. The project, implemented by the Advanced Social & Political Research Institute, University of Latvia, was driven by the following types of questions: How democratic is the society of Latvia, how far do civic institutions and procedures agree with the requirements of democracy, what have the situation dynamics been over the past years and what else should be done in various areas of public life in the name of democracy. The assessment focused on three areas: citizenship/laws/rights, representative/accountable government, and civil society/popular participation. 

Source of Data: 
Using a combination of own and existing data
Type of Data Collection: 
Administrative Data
Panel of experts
Performance assessment / Desk studies
Random sample population survey
Secondary sources
Specifications of type of data collection: 

Data was collected using 27 original questions, in addition to 60+ questions from the IDEA democracy assessment framework. There were 1002 respondents.