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Saint-Petersburg Center for Humanities and Political Studies-Annual Report

Geographical Scope: 
Type of Initiatives:
  • Europe and CIS
  • Russian Federation
  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
The main activities of the Center are (according to the current programs):
  1. Regional Ombudsmen and Human Rights: development of the Ombudsmen and others state and public organizations dealing with the protection of human rights in the regions of Russia, development of education in the field of human rights, assistance in development of measuring mechanisms and creating database of regional Ombudsman Bodies.
  2. The Civil Society Against Corruption:  prevention of corruption by forces of the civil society, development of measuring indicators and instruments for good governance in regions .
  3. The Transparent budget: development of public participation in budgetary process and his optimization, development of public participation in housing reform and communal services, development of measuring indicators of budget transparency .
  4. Development of public policy centers: integrated program which has received registration in 2003.
  5. Expert Council on civic Education and Human Rights in State Duma RF Only in the last three years the Center executed more than 30 projects and initiatives (more expanded information is to be found in the brochure "The Report on work for 2003").
Center 'Strategy' has its own library of own publications and books. The electronic library is under construction on organizational web-site.
Funding sources: 
International donors and National Government
Source of Data: 
Using a combination of own and existing data
Type of Data Collection: 
Administrative Data
Aggregation of multiple indicators using various d...
Events registration
Focus groups
In depth interviews
Panel of experts
Secondary sources
Measurement Methods / Tools Generated or Used : 
Both quantitative and qualitative methods are used, depending on the case and the area.
The main methods used are:
  1. deep interviews with experts from civil society and researchers
  2. analysis of statistics
  3. content-analysis of media publications
List of Indicators: 
In the sphere of political research of electoral processes the following indicators are being used:
  1. political corruption (price of 1 vote on elections, for example, as well as cost of election campaign in general)
  2. economic freedom of institutions (electoral commission, courts, ombudsmen bodies, etc )
  3. political rights and freedom of press (cost of one article, amount of advertising materials on the side of governmental candidatures as well as big businesses, topical issues content-analysis, number of incidents occurring to the press and the courts, public political rhetoric, etc)
  4. political participation (NGOs' involvement, amount of people in public manifestations, level of candidatures from the public sector, observers from civil society organizations or media, etc )
  5. fundamental human rights (firstly right for vote)
Main Users: 
Civil society
Donor agencies
International agencies
Policy makers