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Advocating for Food Sovereignty: Asserting Our Rights to Land and Food

Organization:Martin Luther King Center for Democracy and Human Rights

Direct Lobbying Programme for Food Sovereignty with Policy Makers, Planners, Ruling as well as Opposition Parties, Experts, Research Institutions and…

What the walls are saying... Participate in measuring reconciliation in Cyprus

Organization:United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Measures the state of reconciliation on the island through crowdsourced reports of the prevalence of graffiti, stickers, posters or other inscriptions…

Analysis of the Human Rights Situation

Organization:Humanist Committee on Human Rights (HOM)

Identify and analyze the problems relating to human rights in Morocco. Morocco is one of the case studies in the Human Rights Impact Assessment Programme…

Annual Poverty Indicators Survey (APIS)

Organization:Philippine National Statistics Office

To provide inputs to integrated poverty indicator and monitoring system, which is designed to provide timely, accurate and consistent production of poverty…

Arab Democracy Index

Organization:Arab Reform Initiatives

Can the Arab world, with all its complexities, specificities and fluctuating realities be subjected to quantitative assessment and represented in a set…

Audito de la Justicia Penal

Organization:Alianza Ciudadana Pro Justicia

El Audito Ciudadano tiene como finalidad, identificar los principales problemas de la administración de justicia. Por razones técnicas,…

Auditorí­a ciudadana sobre la calidad de la democracia

Organization:Estado de la Nación (Programa)
Country:Costa Rica

La Auditoría ciudadana sobre la calidad de la democracia es una iniciativa del proyecto Estado de la Nación en Desarrollo Humano Sostenible…

Banco de Datos de Candidatos

Organization:Fundacion Poder Ciudadano

En 2005, Poder Ciudadano se propuso digitalizar el Banco de Datos para las elecciones de cargos nacionales (diputados y senadores). Para esto desarroll…

Burkina Faso Indice Civicus de la société civile (Civil Society Index)

Organization:Réseau des Organisations de la société civile pour le Développement
Country:Burkina Faso

Le projet vise á évaluer l'état de la société civile dans un pays. Toutes les OSC/ONG du Burkina Faso sont potentiellement…

Child Indicators Monitoring System: monitoring children's rights

Organization:Centre for Interdisciplinary Research and Development (CIRD)
Country:Trinidad and Tobago

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