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Acceso a Información, Participación y Justicia en decisiones que afectan al medio ambiente

Organization:Fundación para la Paz y la Democracia (FUNPADEM)
Region:Latin America and the Caribbean

La IA América Latina busca evaluar los sistemas de participación pública nacionales para garantizar el acceso a la informació…

Media and Access to Information in Southeast Asia

Organization:Dag Hammarsköld Foundation
Region:Asia and the Pacific

In its work area on "Culture, democracy and development", and going back to the 'New Information Order' and the struggle for the right…

Functional Literacy, Education and Mass Media Survey (FLEMMS)

Organization:Philippine National Statistics Office

To provide quantitative framework that will serve as basis in the formulation of policies and programs on the improvement of literacy and education status…

MJAFT Campaign

Organization:Balkan Youth Link Albania

Recent history, in places not far from Albania, has shown that collective action in the form of Citizen Initiatives can change the negative tide of public…

Nations in Transit

Organization:Freedom House

In Nations in Transit, leading regional specialists offer answers by reporting on more than fifty key indicators of political and social reform in twenty…

Rate Your Rights


“I am of opinion that we, as a society, do not act responsibly towards certain categories of people who are the most vulnerable (women, children…