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Governance Statistics Project: development of indicators and design of a database and information network

Organization:National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB)

This is one component of the ''Re-engineering the Government Statistical Services Project Phase II" being implemented by the NSCB. This…

e-Administration an e-Platform for e-Governance

Organization:Life Line to Business (LL2B)

Today e-Governance is in a mess in India. Despite the fact that The Right to Information Act 2005 ( was passed by the…

Minimum Basic Needs: Community Based Information System (MBN-CBIS)

Organization:Philippine National Statistics Office

The Capability Building for the 5th and 6th Class Municipalities for the Collection of Minimum Basic Needs' Community Based Indicators System (MBN…

Performance Measurement Scheme (PMS) for National Statistical Agencies and Other Data Producers

Organization:National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB)

This Performance Measurement Scheme is a module of the Governance Project, one component of the 'Re-engineering the Government Statistical Services…

Rate Your Rights


“I am of opinion that we, as a society, do not act responsibly towards certain categories of people who are the most vulnerable (women, children…

Red y Sistema Latinoamericano de Información y Conocimiento sobre Gobernabilidad (LAGNIKS)

Organization:Institut Internacional de Governabilitat de Catalunya

LAGNIKS (Red y Sistema Latinoamericano de Información y Conocimiento sobre Gobernabilidad) se creó como un instrumento de conocimiento…