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Human Rights Investigations: the state of the female prison wing; the situation at the national mental hospital; the state of living quarters of detained migrants

Organization:Office of the Ombudsman

The European Charter of Human Rights is part of Maltese Law and the Ombudsman is empowered to investigate breaches of fundamental rights either if complaints…

Sistema de Información para la Vigilancia Ciudadana desde una Perspectiva de Género (SIVICIGE)

Organization:Centro de Información y Desarrollo de la Mujer (CIDEM)

El objetivo del SIVICIGE es crear y recrear un sistema, flexible, oportuno e integrador que administre datos estadísticos de fuentes primarias…

Statistical data on gender mainstreaming, minorities (ethnicity) and foreigners

Organization:Czech Statistical Office
Country:Czech Republic

Combination of data from own statistical surveys of the Czech Statistical Office and data from different administrative data sources (ministries, NGOs…

Youth to Stop Violence Against Women

Organization:National Centre for Human Rights

This project will tackle the issue of violence against women (its roots, implementations, consequences, etc.) in a fully transparent manner with full…

Género y Reformas a la Justicia Procesal Penal

Organization:Centro de Estudios de Justicia de las Américas (CEJA)
Region:Latin America and the Caribbean

Evaluar si los procesos de reforma procesal penal han impactado, o no, en materias de género, específicamente, determinar cómo…

A Fair Share for Women: Cambodia Gender Assessment


This initiative is the result of the the Governance Action Plan by the Royal Government of Cambodia to include gender equity as one of five cross-cutting…

Access to Justice for the Women of Karachi

Organization:Community Information and Epidemiological Technologies (CIET)

The purpose of this pilot study was to establish a scientifically defensible baseline for assessing access to justice for women of Karachi. The project…

Assessment of National Women's Machineries in Palestine


The aim of this initiative by the Women's Affairs Technical Committee, a women-focused CSO, is to assess the effectiveness of the Women’s Affairs…

Ciudadania Activa de las Mujeres


This program facilitates and assesses women’s participation in public decision making using a combination of tools, including social mobilization…

Country Gender Assessments


This initiative consisted of a series of national gender assessments in 17 Asian countries by the country offices of the Asian Development Bank. The attached…

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