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Regional Governance Week: Social Accountability in a Changing Region - Actors and Mechanisms

Start Date: 
Nov 26, 2012
End Date: 
Nov 29, 2012
Cairo, Egypt
Source of the information: 


The “​Regional Governance Week” will take stock of the progress made towards democratic transitions from the perspective of social accountability, focusing on the process of re-negotiating the social contract between the citizens and State in the Arab Region. Indeed, the events taking place since the beginning of 2011 have opened the door for better accountability, and have created a new social dynamic, not only in countries going through transition but in the entire Arab region.

Throughout the four days of the governance week, a Governance Fair will support the dissemination of relevant knowledge products on various governance-related subjects. The Governance Week will also hold a South-South Cooperation exhibition, featuring innovative solutions and best-practices in governance and social accountability from the countries in the region.

The proposed Governance Week will bring together representatives of UNDP Country Offices in the region and their national counterparts, civil society, national human rights institutions, anti-corruption agencies, as well as think tanks from the region. Key development partners, such as other UN Agencies, global and regional multilateral organizations and funds – OHCHR, ESCWA, UNODC, UN WOMEN, World Bank, OECD, Ford Foundation, Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, and Saudi Fund for Development – will also be invited. International IDEA and Affiliated Network for Social Accountability Arab World, among others, would co-organize some of the sessions of the event.

Main Objectives

The overarching aim of the Governance Week would be to analyze the roles of various actors in promoting social accountability in the region. After looking at the current context of change, highlighting the diversity of circumstances among the different countries in the region, the participants will explore what social accountability means in the Arab region. More specifically they will consider how it could be strengthened, looking at what has already been done, as well as focusing more specifically on the role of governance evidence and human rights monitoring, particularly the UPR, as mechanisms for enhancing accountability relations. 

In particular, the Governance Week will aim to:

  • Initiate a high-level dialogue about the importance of social accountability in the dynamic context of change of the Arab region;
  • Analyze specific inter-governmental and national accountability mechanisms, and identify the challenges and opportunities of their implementation in the current regional context;
  • Strengthen the ability of and empower three actors (governments, CSOs, and media) to use  recommendations emerging from these mechanisms and processes to influence policy and ensure protection and promotion of human rights, prevention and sanctioning of corruption, and overall improved governance;
  • Identify specific mutually supportive actions for each of the three sets of actors in creating new and strengthening existing social accountability mechanisms at central and local level;
  • Formulate joint recommendations for action, and possibly, project proposals for transferring and adopting existing social accountability mechanisms through South-South knowledge exchanges in cases where such successful and applicable mechanisms are readily available; and
  • Identify the role the UN can play in supporting the three actors in the identified actions.


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