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Strategic Communication for Governance Programming

Start Date: 
Jun 18, 2012
End Date: 
Jun 20, 2012
Source of the information: 

CDC created this course in response to the growing need to strategically program communication as a key aspect of any governance project, and to address the issues of media responsibility that arise from an increasing emphasis in development programming on a rights based approach.  Over a period of three days, this workshop highlights key issues related to both the supply and the demand side of governance. On the supply side we look at how to develop a communication strategy and the role of the public sector and civil society in building more democratic societies. On the demand side we look at the role of the media and how to help develop independent and responsible media that play the role of watchdog, helping ensure that decisions taken by government are implemented as intended.


Participants can expect to

  • Have a better understanding of the tools necessary to support communication interventions as part of governance programmes.
  • Be able to design a communication strategy for programs taking into consideration the governance dimension.
  • Know the process by which to promote governance by, for and in the media.
  • Have a better understanding of the methods of functioning of different media/communication channels

The workshop is designed to share new thinking in this field by providing the participants with concrete examples of how they can effectively develop projects. CDC will share its own experience working in governance projects in Africa and Asia.


A particular emphasis would be put on the democratization process taking place in the Arab region with its impact on the performance of the media in meeting the challenge of integrity taking into consideration its limited access on the ground (requires further development/how to cope with the  difficulties of verifying the sources of information and authenticity of news…)  


Session Descriptions


Session 1: Designing a communication strategy around Governance


Session 2: Supply Side of Governance – Media Regulations (Governance for the media)


Session 3: Demand Side of Governance (Governance by and in the Media)

  • Moving from an autocratic to a democratic media landscape- What’s different ?
  • What is Governance by and in the media
  • How can the UN assist in developing independent media ?

Session 5: Indicators for Governance Programmes – Supply and Demand Side  Including a presentation on Media Accountability Systems


Session 6: Quality Indicators for Media


Session 7: Learning Media Management and Building Bridges with the new Independent Media


Working in the context of the media’s role in good governance, this session aims to develop the participants understanding of how the media industry operates by highlighting how decisions are made.  The session provides steps that governments and their respective agencies can take to manage and improve not only their relations with the media but also identify opportunities for increased collaboration.  It will provide the participants with specific examples of what they can do to increase the coverage of their own institution’s issues and programs.