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Training: Towards Local Democracy and Local Development through Local Government (Gothenburg 2011)

Start Date: 
Sep 01, 2011
End Date: 
Sep 01, 2011
Gothenburg, Sweden
Source of the information: 


The one-day training session in Gothenburg 2011, Sweden, is part of a rolling International Training Programme (ITP) 'Towards Local Democracy and Local Development through Local Government' convened by the UN Capacity Development Fund (UNCDF) and Swedish international Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD).

It aimed to facilitate a collaborative learning process using the International Training Programme (ITP) methodology. The ITP methodology is designed to facilitate capacity development for middle or senior level managers as change agents that drive institutional and policy reform processes, and are used as one of the tools in Swedish global development policy to alleviate poverty. International Training Programmes are intended to contribute to strengthening institutional capacity in the participating countries. 


The training focused on how governance assessments can be used as a tool for enhancing accountability. In particular it explored how to optimize citizen participation and ownership in local governance assessments. The training also looked at how the process of assessing can serve to foster inclusion in policy making. This session uses stakeholder analysis as a starting point for how to design an inclusive process, looking at levels of participation, strategic decisions on engagement and mapping of data sources to inform the framework. 

Learning objectives

After completed the programme participants will be able to design a local governance assessment project appropriate to their own country, inclusive of three key steps:

  • Outlining an inclusive process of conducting the assessment
  • Selecting and adapting an appropriate assessment framework
  • Identifying actionable, pro-poor and gender-sensitive indicators


Background Material
Selecting type of
local assessment
Assessment framework
Good Urban Governance
Aspects, Variables
& Indicators
Framework &
Justifications - Indonesia




Presentations included the following

Governance assessments as a tool for enhancing social accountability, Ingvild Oia, UNDP Oslo

Stakeholder analysis for project designIngvild Oia, UNDP Oslo

Choosing an assessment frameworkIngvild Oia, UNDP Oslo

Selecting Indicators,UNDP

Additional Material

Stakeholder Analysis Worksheet