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Aid Transparency Index


Publish What You Fund

Stated Purpose: 

The purpose of the Aid Transparency Index (ATI) is to assess overall aid transparency at three separate levels – organisation, country and activity/project. 

Area of Governance: 
Civil Society
Funding Source: 

Hewlett Foundation and the Open Society Foundations.

Current usage: 

ATI is used for monitoring and tracking the effects of the International Aid Transparency Initiative, and create recommendations for improvement. 

Type of data used: 

Primary data from an evidence-based survey.


Year Coverage: 2010 - Present (updated annually).
General Coverage: 72 separate organisations or entities which provide aid were included. These ranged from traditional bilateral donors representing 37 countries (including all DAC members) to multilaterals, including development banks, four UN agencies, two health funds, three climate funds, and two private foundations.

Contact details: 

Publish What You Fund
Southbank House
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Phone:  +44 (0)20 3176 2512


ATI assess overall aid transparency at three separate levels – organisation, country and activity/project. Each of the three levels has an equal weight of 33.33%. To measure the three level, the ATI uses 43 indicators of transparency for their index. Of these 43 indicators, one looks at the quality of Freedom of Information legislation; one measures engagement with International Aid Transparency Initiative; and the remaining 41 were selected using the information types agreed in the International Aid Transparency Initiative standard, most of which are based on the DAC CRS. They represent the most commonly available information items where commitments to disclosure already exist. The data for these indicators was collected and checked via an evidenced survey. 

Finally, Publish What You Fund undertake  a final round of standardisation  of scoring, to ensure that it had been conducted consistently across all indicators for all organisations. The data is then re-checked and cleaned before being used to develop the rankings in this Index.

Format of results: 

The ATI uses five group for the ranking: ‘good’, 'fair', 'moderate', 'poor', and ‘very poor’. An organisation's placement in one of the five groups is decided by its procentage score. Similare to the five main groups the percentage scores are divided into five groups:  0–19% (very poor), 20–39% (poor), 40–59% (moderate), 60–79% (fair) and 80–100% (good).

Valid Use: 

Donors, countries, partners and civil society can use it to identify an organisation's aid transparency and promote a higher level of accountability. 

Invalid Use: 

Only considers agencies, and not donor as a whole, thus it says little about a country's overall performance.

Example results: