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Women in National Parliaments Statistical Archives


Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)

Stated Purpose: 

Collate data on the representation of women in national parliaments.

Area of Governance: 
Governance and Gender
Funding Source: 

The IPU is financed by its 138 member parliaments out of public funds.

Current usage: 

This is a simple compilation of the percentages and numbers of seats in national parliaments (upper and lower house) occupied by women.

Type of data used: 

Number of seats held in both lower and upper houses.


Country Coverage: 189 countries.
Year Coverage: 1997 to present

Contact details: 

Inter-Parliamentary Union
5, chemin du Pommier
Case postale 330
CH – 1218 Le Grand – Saconnex/Geneva
Tel: (41) 22 919 41 50


The data used are percentages without the application of statistical techniques.

Format of results: 

Percentages and rankings of parliaments, from highest percentages of women in parliament to lowest.

Valid Use: 

Can be valuable to those who work to increase women’s political representation.

Invalid Use: 

This cannot be used to draw conclusions about the functioning of the democratic process without further information.


To use this data as a proxy for the representation of women’s issues within the democratic system of a country would imply an assumption that women’s issues are uniquely, or better covered by female representatives.

Example results: