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Fund Assessment Activities

Funding through the UNDP Global Programme

The country window of the Global Programme provides funding for UNDP Country Offices to support country-led democratic governance assessment initiatives over the period 2009-2011, with a maximum of US$400,000 for each country. 19 Country Office programmes are currently supported.
The period for applications for Global Programme funding is now closed. Information regarding future opportunities will be posted on the GAP news service and on this page.

Funding from elsewhere

Several funds and bilateral donors provide funding for governance assessments, and it is advisable to aim for a basket of funds.
Part of ownership is to demonstrate that stakeholders’ own funds are put into the governance assessment. While many will not be able to fund 100 percent of these efforts, stakeholders must be ready to provide matching funds or assume some amount of cost sharing.

Democratic Governance Thematic Trust Fund (DGTTF)

DGTTF is open only to UNDP non-liaison Country Offices in developing countries. In 2008, the fund supported country-led governance assessment in China, Ukraine and Montenegro through the respective UNDP Country Offices.
This fund is increasingly emphasizing the innovative and catalytic character of project proposals. These include initiatives that serve as a staging point for bigger programmes or probe into unexplored territories of democratic governance, such as indigenous governance practices or politically sensitive areas where the use of core funds is more problematic.
Developing nationally owned governance performance assessments is a specific priority of this fund.
In 2008 DGTTF made US$12 million available for country-based projects. The amount of funding ranges from US$ 40,000 to US$ 300,000.  

United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF)

UNDEF is a recent fund, established in 2005, and provides assistance to government, non-government, national, regional and international organizations on topics related to democracy support, including democratic governance assessments.
For example, in 2006, UNDEF funded the Integrity Index for Panama’s Public Institutions as well as the Support in Achieving Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 9 on Human Rights and Democratic Governance in Mongolia.
This fund is particularly interested in projects that give civil society voice and are innovative in the area of supporting democracy.
Applying to the fund is a competitive process. In 2007 the fund received 1,873 applications and recommended only 86 projects to the Secretary-General.

Non-UN Funding Sources

For an overview of news stories related to funding opportunities, click here.