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2013 millennium development goal progress index – get the data

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Thu, 05/30/2013
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Accelerated progress in many countries of sub-Saharan Africa, but pockets of lagging performance in this year's MDG index. 

Thirty sub-Saharan African countries appear to have accelerated progress towards meeting the millennium development goals (MDGs) over the past three years, according to analysis from anti-poverty group ONE, which aims to up-end perceptions of the region as wholly off track.

In Asia, the Maldives has displaced Cambodia as the top-performing country, on track to meet all of the core MDG targets included in the index. Cambodia's score dropped from 8.0 last year to 7.0.

The index, developed by ONE's global policy director Ben Leo while he was at the Center for Global Development thinktank, compares countries' observed progress on eight MDG indicators with estimates of what would be required for them to achieve the targets.  

Countries are allocated scores on each target (1 for on track, 0.5 for partially on track and 0 for off track), which are added to get a total score. A total score of 8.0 means a country is on track to meet all the targets in the index. (...)