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Blog post: Women's civic and political participation: where are the data gaps?

Posted date: 
Tue, 02/18/2014
Source of the information: 
Wikiprogress ProgBlog

This blog, written by Wikigender Coordinator Estelle Loiseau, gives some highlights of the Wikigender online discussion on "Data Gaps on Gender Equality", which in its last week focused on the civic and political participation of women.*  

In this final week participants discussed on where the gaps are and where improvements can be made in terms of data on women's civic and political participation.    

Questions asked included what type of data can we use/should we use to measure women's civic and political participation; whether attitudinal data can be used more systematically to better document women's civic and political engagement; how new technologies can be used to better map women's collective action; examples of women's collective action that resulted in an improvement of their lives; and more!  

The discussion culminated with 88 comments, below are some highlights. To see all the comments made, please visit the discussion page.(...)