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Blogpost: a critical look at indicators and "participation" (Global Integrity, 20 April 2010)

GlobalIntegrity: Raymond puts the hurt on another development buzzword: Recently I sat down to read an incisive article by AnnJanette Rosga and Margaret Satterthwaite critiquing the “turn to indicators” in the human rights field. Working for an organization whose raison d’être is anti-corruption/good governance indicators, I had an obvious professional interest in their research and its implications for Global Integrity’s assessment projects and my own independent work on technologies and epistemologies of governance. My reflections here do not rehearse or otherwise directly engage with their main lines of argument in-depth. To interested readers, Rosga’s and Satterthwaite’s analysis eloquently speaks for itself. My aim, rather, is to focus on one of their insights in their concluding remarks as a starting point for revisiting debates over “participation”