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Blogpost: A pragmatic guide to monitoring and evaluating research communications using digital tools « on think tanks

Posted date: 
Fri, 01/06/2012
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On Think Tanks

How do you define success in research communications efforts? Clearly, if policy influence is the name of the game, then evidence of communications having played a role in policy change is an appropriate barometer. Trouble is, there are a number of conceptual, technical and practical challenges to finding evidence, and being able to use it to measure the success of an individual or organisation. There can be occasions when communications staff can show they played a role: perhaps someone has organised a series of meetings with policy-makers as part of a communications strategy, or the media have picked up a new report pushing an issue to the top of the policy agenda. However, given the complexity of policy cycles, examples of one particular action making a difference are often disappointingly rare, and it is even harder to attribute each to the quality of the research, the management of it, or the delivery of communications around it.