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Blogpost: Can the number of vegetables you eat define your mental well-being and progress?

Posted date: 
Tue, 11/13/2012
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Wikiprogress ProgBlog

Conventional indicators of economic performance and equality in Wales point towards increasingly disadvantaged communities in this country. Professor Sir Michael Marmot might say that such inequalities give a good indication as to the lack of fairness in Welsh society. Which begs the obvious question, how can we make our communities fairer? And how do we know when we’ve got there?                                                                           

This is a point made by Nobel Prize winning economist and conference speaker in New Delhi, Professor Joseph Stiglitz.:  
“What we measure effects what we do.  If we measure the wrong thing, we do the wrong thing. GDP measures the busyness of our economy. But the big question is whether we are busy doing the right things. Our preoccupation with GDP makes it difficult for politicians to back policies that are good for society and for the environment but which might not result in an increase in GDP.”