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Brussels - Anti-corruption analysis training for the European Union

Posted date: 
Tue, 01/25/2011
UNDP’s Global Programme on Democratic Governance Assessments (GAP) was recently invited by the European Commission to contribute to an anti-corruption seminar in Brussels, aimed at providing specific training to EU delegations and headquarters staff working in external relations, for making them better equipped to analyse corruption in a given local setting and to support the implementation of anti-corruption strategies and policies in developing countries.
During four days of training, the EU staff members exposed to supporting governance in developing countries were taken through the complex definitions and implications of corruption at the country-level, the orientations of the EU anti-corruption policies, the different approaches to assessing and monitoring corruption and anti-corruption reform, the key international conventions contributing to the fight against corruption, and the concrete methods for supporting countries in their anti-corruption efforts, including strategies for working with governments and civil society in different sectors. UNDP’s approach to assessing corruption at the national level through country-specific, participatory governance assessments, rather than global corruption indices, was particularly appreciated as a means to analyze country-level situations accurately and thus better design anti-corruption programmes and support national anti-corruption policies.
Participants became more familiar with available resources on corruption and learned how to use the resources and services offered by specialized institutions such as the GAP, and acquired a better capacity to mainstream anti-corruption issues in European development assistance. This contribution is one element of an established partnership between the Global Programme on Democratic Governance Assessments and the European Commission.
For more information on the EU anti-corruption workshop, access the workshop page here