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Corruption on the rise in Europe | space for transparency

Posted date: 
Thu, 02/16/2012
Source of the information: 
Transparency International

A public opinion survey finds that corruption is a major problem across the European Union. The survey was published today by the European Commission.

Two – thirds of Europeans believe corruption is a major problem in their country.

Corruption continues to be one of the most important challenges facing Europe, harming the integrity of the EU as a whole and its financial interests. This is something borne out by our Corruption Perceptions Index, which found serious problems of corruption in the EU with 9 countries scoring less than 5.

Across Europe there has recently been a sense of looming crisis and popular discontent with corruption, highlighting the urgency to address the problem. It is no surprise therefore that 98 per cent of respondents in Greece consider corruption a major problem, in contrast to 19 per cent in Denmark.

Half of the Greeks surveyed told the Commission that “the law is often not applied by the authorities in charge”.