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Funding Opportunity: Announcement to Strengthen Evidence-based Decision Making, Conduct Assessments, and Conduct Research Relevant to PRM-Funded Humanitarian Programs Worldwide (US Dep of State, 6 May 2010)

Posted date: 
Thu, 05/06/2010

Proposed Program Start Dates: July 15, 2010


Duration of Activity: No more than 12 months.


Current Funding Priorities: PRM will prioritize funding for proposed activities that best meet the Bureau’s priorities as identified below:


  • Projects to strengthen evidence-based decision making tools for use in humanitarian programs, including those funded by PRM.
  • Projects involving research, assessment, or formative evaluation that could inform and strengthen PRM policy and programming for:
    • urban refugees/urban displacement;
    • refugees in protracted situations of displacement for five or more years;
    • stateless persons.


(a) Proposals to strengthen evidence-based decision making tools for humanitarian operations must focus on measuring performance, improving data collection, quality, and/or coordination, and/or attaining minimum international standards. Of particular interest are projects that identify data collection mechanisms or good practices in urban settings. Proposals should aim to strengthen tools that serve a public good by addressing gaps in knowledge, rather than meeting the accountability requirements of a specific organization. Selected proposals will likely focus on one or two of the following areas: Food security, Nutrition, Health, Protection, Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH), Livelihoods, and/or Primary Education.


Examples of projects include, but are not limited to, the following illustrative list:


  • Development of standards and indicators for humanitarian assistance with refugees in urban settings. All standards and indicators developed would build on ongoing work in this field, including the work of the Sphere Project.