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Governance Assessments Programme: Midterm Review

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Mon, 04/30/2012
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A mid-term review of the Global Programme on Governance Assessments 2008-2012 was conducted in 2011. The review is primarily a strategic, forward looking assessment to document lessons and provide recommendations based on experience so far. The review will inform the continuing development of UNDP’s conceptual as well as operational approach to governance assessments, taking account of the changing nature of competitive advantages and demand from UNDP country offices and national counterparts since the programme began. The review will contribute to improving the management of the global programme by assessing management capabilities, including the capability for strategic action, delivering on outcomes, and of demonstrating leadership in the area of governance assessments.

The Mid-term Review points out the relevance, effectiveness and strategic role of country-led and participatory governance assessments in terms of building local capacity, enhancing policy processes,  strengthening accountability and adding value to democratic governance at the national level. The programme has provided direct support to Governance Assessments projects in 35+ countries.