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India l Reforming the State

Posted date: 
Tue, 02/26/2013
Source of the information: 
The Hindu : Columns / Harsh Mander

A recent study suggests an imaginative range of administrative reforms. How many are actually workable?

India’s higher civil services are today in conditions of grave decline, both in public estimation and in its outcomes of tangible public service. In an engaging recent study for the National Social Watch, scholar-administrator N.C. Saxena suggests an imaginative but eclectic range of solutions for administrative reforms, including a greater focus on policy outcomes; linking transfers of funds with performance by state governments; and enhancing accountability outward to society and citizens, rather than inward and upward within the government. In this and a later column, I will look at some of his more important suggestions in his monograph, especially ways to make it more responsive and accountable to disadvantaged populations. (...)