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M-governance: Exploratory Survey on Kenyan Service Delivery and Government Interaction *iHub_

Posted date: 
Wed, 02/29/2012
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A one-week of exploratory fieldwork was conducted in Nairobi in November 2011 , with the aim of investigating citizens’ opinions on the best methods to interact with government. The focus was on how Kenyan citizens understand governance and how they currently interact with the government. The initial write-up can be found here. The information that was gathered is important as a first step to studying the potential role of technology in Kenyan governance.

The purpose of the study was to seek answers to the following core questions:

  • What are Kenyan citizens’ understandings of governance?
  • What services do citizens receive from service providers or the Kenyan government?
  • Do citizens feel they are able to raise issues or complaints to the government or service providers?
  • What do citizens want to talk to the Kenyan government about?
  • What methods do citizens believe are best to give information to government/service providers?