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Mongolia publishes a comprehensive national state of democracy report


Mongolia publishes the most comprehensive UNDP-supported country-led governance assessment report so far!

UNDP-Mongolia, UNDEF and the Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law of the Mongolian Academy of Science recently published the most comprehensive UNDP-supported country-led governance assessment report so far.
Since Mongolia decided that the 8 Millennium Development Goals were not ambitious enough and gave itself an MDG-9 on human rights, democratic governance and anti-corruption in 2005, it has conducted a thorough nationally-owned assessment resulting in over 130 indicators and sub-indicators, while breaking records of transparency and inclusive consultation in the process. The current project supported by UNDP/OGC’s Global Programme on Democratic Governance Assessments builds on previous work to assist with further development and institutionalization of this assessment process.     
Recently published Millennium Development Goal 9 and the State of Democracy in Mongolia provides an extensive account of the whole Mongolian governance assessment process, the methodology and baselines for each of the indicators, as well as an analysis of the changes between this and previous assessments. Download the full report here.
The Mongolia case exemplifies perfectly what UNDP’s work on governance assessments aims to achieve: an institutionalized cyclic assessment process, that helps strengthen concrete improvements in a country’s democratic governance with a sustained accountability mechanism between a government and its citizens.
More information on this project can also be found through our Mongolia country initiative page.