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New Resource l Lessons Learned: Global Programme on Governance Assessment

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Mon, 12/10/2012
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On the heels of the Oslo Governance ForumUNDP  convened projects supported by  the  Global  Programme  on  Governance  Assessments  from  around  the  world.  This one-day workshop collected and compared the lessons learned from experiences in 16 countries. The  workshop  served  to  create  a  space  where  lessons  of  all  kinds  could  be  discussed  constructively. 

As a part of the process the Lessons Learned: Global Programme on Governance Assessment report was released. This report draws on those experiences, as well as the  seven  reviews  and  evaluations  of  UNDP’s  governance  assessments  projects  to  date. The  aim  is  that  these  lessons  will  be  useful  to  other  national  practitioners  and UNDP country staff who wish to embark on a governance assessment.

Since  2008,  the  Global  Programme  has  supported  country-led  governance  assessments  to  enhance  democratic governance,  based  on  the  principles  of  national  ownership,  capacity  development  and  alignment. Through  this  workshop,  as  well  as  the wave of reviews and evaluations that took place in 2011, the Global Programme has tapped into this reservoir of knowledge and distilled some of the lessons learned. The  purpose  of  this  report  is  to  enhance  peer-to-peer  learning,  thereby  strengthening  project  design  and management.  It  does  not  seek  to  assess  or  judge  the  performance  of  individual  projects  or  of  the  Global Programme.