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New Resources on Conflict and Fragility

Posted date: 
Mon, 04/30/2012

The Oslo Governance Centre (OGC) is working with the UNDP Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery and Democratic Governance Group to achieve a better understanding of how governance is working in fragile or post-conflict situations and in particular how a country –led approach to governance assessments can be applied in such situations. This work is part of an on-going process of collaboration across UNDP, building on the UNDP Guidance Note on Governance and Conflict Prevention and Recovery (2009) and the Users’ Guide on Measuring Fragility (German Development Institute and UNDP) 2010.

As part of this process OGC has now prepared the following two documents:



Issue brief on Governance Assessments in Conflict and Fragile Environments Challenges and Opportunities.  We very much hope that this brief will help set the framework for further debate on how we can promote democratic governance in fragile and conflict settings.

Discussion Note on Measuring National Statistical Capacity in Conflict and Fragile Countries. We hope that this note will be useful for those who work with statistical frameworks measuring statistical capacity and help them to analyze the opportunities to adapt these to the challenges facing conflict and fragile countries.

The OGC is also gathering information to obtain an overview of various assessments that have been undertaken in post-conflict and fragile countries around the world. This information is expected to provide useful examples as we proceed.

The OGC intends to continue this process and the next step will be a Users' Guide on Governance Assessments in Conflict and Fragile Contexts which will provide a range of practical solutions and advise that can be applied in different type of fragile or conflict situations.