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Publication: For good measure. Devolving accountability for performance and assessment to local areas. Is devolving power to local authorities the way forward? (contonou_online, 22 April 2010)

Posted date: 
Thu, 04/22/2010

This report is a contribution to the debate on the future of local government performance and assessment. In it the author outlines the possibility of reducing the burden of inspection on councils, while simultaneously increasing local accountability and the level of sector-led assistance and support. Recommendations include:
* Increasing the level of local government accountability to local residents will have a number of benefits including improved performance
* Central government should cede more powers to local government in line with or at a faster rate than increases in local accountability
* Burdensome inspection regimes distort behaviour and create an unnecessary and costly bureaucracy
* Peer support and comparison of local government is a powerful driver for improvement.