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Publication: IT Governance Metrics Measurement and Benchmarking Best Practice Workbook (Free Book Source, 24 Aug 2010)

Publisher: Emereo Pty Ltd | 2008-08-16 | ISBN: 1921523409 | PDF | 216 pages | 6.19 MB

A set of tools to deal with a challenging leadership issue. It is rare that you find a detailed and pragmatic guide to something subject to such mis-understanding and debate.
Governance in general and IT governance in particular is often left to the realm of politics, personality and perception. This book takes a look at how to make IT governance matter and function properly. The tools allow you to show governance on a page and align governance decisions with business strategy and metrics — all good things.
Why should you care about IT governance, well because good IT governance is related to good business performance. Also as information and technology handle more business, making decisions about these assets becomes critical.
This book is not a white wash over the issue — it is practical, specific and filled with best practices of people who are doing it well. The recommendations here are backed by real data and results.