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Rapid Civil Society Assessments

Posted date: 
Mon, 04/30/2012
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UNDP and Civicus have partnered to pilot a new round of civil society assessments using a rapid assessment tool developed by Civicus. Building on the track record of the Civil Society Index, this new tool offers a new methodology to help civil society better assess its own strengths, challenges, potentials and needs in a range of different situations and contexts.

The tool is particularly aimed at those contexts where it is neither possible nor desirable, whether that be due to reasons of resources, time, conflict and dramatic political change or a wish to take a focussed rather than a comprehensive perspective, to implement a full version of the more comprehensive CIVICUS Civil Society Index (CSI).

The tool was first piloted in Tunisa, as part of UNDP’s effort to support the development of civil society (detail description here). A call for expression of interest was also released to identify other countries in which to pilot the rapid assessment.