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Research Consultancy: Comparative Research on ICTs and Governance Data in Arab Region

Posted date: 
Fri, 09/14/2012
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UNDP Regional Center in Cairo and Oslo Governance Centre seek a consultant to conduct comparative research on ICT and governance data initiatives. This research will support the Regional Governance Week, taking place on November 26 -29 to in Cairo. One of the sessions of the parallel stream on governance assessments would focus on the role of ICT in producing and disseminating governance data. 

The research will focus on initiatives in the Arab region that generate, collect, and/or disseminate data on governance.  The mapping should identify a small number (5-10) of the most relevant initiatives, and conduct research to suggest

  1. the manner and degree to which initiatives engage with partners from government, media and civil society; and
  2. the degree and type of use and engagement by stakeholders
  3. any specific outcomes that may be attributed to the initiative in whole or in part.

Research will include quantitative and qualitative methods, based on desk research and interviews (via VOIP or telephone) with initiatives. Results will be presented in a manner that will facilitate analysis, and which will prompt debate and discussion in the Governance Week session on ICTs and governance data. The research should also identify appropriate panelists and participants for the session. 

10-15 work days are estimated.

The Terms of Reference are available here. Questions may be sent to