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Serbia: UNDP International Experts Train Serbia’s Anti-Corruption Agency in the Development of National Indicators

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Mon, 04/30/2012
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Originally posted at, Belgrade, 16 March 2011.

A two-day training for the Serbian Anti-Corruption Agency entitled “National Tools for Anti-Corruption Measurement” has been organized by UNDP Serbia, with the assistance of the Bratislava Regional Centre and the Oslo Governance Centre. Experts Sarah Repucci and Ingvild Oia working with the Oslo Governance Centre and Francesco Checchi from the Bratislava Regional Centre presented a range of practical tools which can help improve the manner in which the Agency performs monitoring of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan. Ultimately, this training can help the Anti-Corruption Agency and the Serbian Government in general improve its policy making on corruption issues and shape more effective measures. 

Properly measuring corruption is crucial for effective monitoring, this allows us to design better and more targeted measures for combating corruption, it helps promote the fight against corruption among the general population and helps strengthen responsibilities of all actors” said Ana Jerosimic from the Anti-Corruption Agency.

The seminar, which was attended by 20 Agency staff, included sessions on the existent types of measurement tools; advice on data collection and information sources which can be used and the presentation of best practices in terms of the benefits of nationally developed tools. The participants had a hands-on experience with adapting an existing tool to the Serbian reality and developing relevant measurement methods. The activity is a kick-off for the project “Enhancing Anti-Corruption Efforts in Serbia”, funded by UNDP’s Democratic Governance Thematic Trust Fund, and which will, in the next two years, support and promote innovative human rights oriented approaches to combating corruption at both national and local level in Serbia.