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Supporting public oversight by youth in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Palestinian Territory, Occupied
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Tue, 12/11/2012
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With the technical support of GAP, the Democratic Governance Thematic Trust Fund (DGTTF) funded UNDP Programme for Assistance to Palestinian People (PAPP) Project “Support to the Role of Youth in Public Oversight to Improve Local Governance and Service Delivery ” aims to be a catalyst for changing the culture of how elected public officials will be held accountable to their local constituencies and create focus on a greater youth involvement in local government affairs. The overall objective is to strengthen the capacity of civil servants and elected officials to engage with citizens at large and civil society organizations in particular. The project is to be piloted in three locations across the West Bank and one location in Gaza. 

With the technical know-how of GAP, community score cards/citizen satisfaction surveys were constructed and utilized to assess the interest of and capacity of local stakeholders, including government structures and well as CSOs, and recommendations on an engagement strategy were offered, as well as support to the formulation of an action plan for project implementation taking into consideration the interests and capacities of both CSOs and state actors.

In October 2012 a mission to the Occupied Palestine Territories was carried out. During this mission we had the chance to meet with a number of colleagues from Governance Portfolio, as well as several national stakeholders. To reach a better understanding of the situation from the perspective of local governance representatives two municipality meetings were organized. Moreover, One Round Table Format meeting with representatives of some youth or youth-oriented civil society organizations was held to share, with them, some approaches to facilitating citizen engagement in public oversight, as well as solicit their feedback on proposed project. These meetings provide us with some valuable insights into how a greater youth involvement in local affairs can be encourage. Finally, a meeting was held with a representative of the Higher Council for Youth and Sport, and Palestinian National Bureau of Statistics. 

The project is grounded in the work of the Local Governance project, and will draw on its experience and achievements. Furthermore, it will contribute to the on-going UNDP/PAPP ​process, within the field of democratic governance, to develop institutions and processes that are not only reflective of the will of the people, but responsive to the needs of ordinary citizens.

For more information please contact Nina Kolybashkina, Regional Specialist, UNDP Oslo Governance Centre,

Photo: United Nations Development Programme Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People.