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The Oslo Principles on Democratic Governance Assessments

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Mon, 04/30/2012
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In early October 2011, the Oslo Governance Forum gathered 270 policy makers, experts and practitioners from 75 countries to engage in a rigorous investigation of the principles and pragmatics underpinning democratic governance assessments. The Forum was convened by UNDP’s Democratic Governance Group in partnership with a broad coalition of stakeholders, including UNDEF, ActionAid, Act Alliance, PRIA, the World Bank Institute and NORAD.

Together, this rich mix of participants enabled a thoughtful and challenging discussion on the role of measurement, data and participatory processes in strengthening social accountability mechanisms. Through the course of the Forum’s three days, these dynamic discussions were geared towards the development and adoption of a set of principles to guide and inform the work of practitioners, promoters and supporters of democratic governance. The resulting document, available below, outlines 11 principles to serve as a reference point for institutions and practitioners in the area of governance monitoring, assessment and analysis.

The Oslo Principles on Democratic Governance Assessments are available in English and French.