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Webinar (June 22): Role of the UN in Fostering National Ownership and Capacities in Evaluation ( 14 June 2010)

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Mon, 06/14/2010

UNICEF, IOCE and DevInfo, in partnership with UNDP, UNIFEM and WFP, are pleased to announce the first webinar with Saraswathi Menon, Director, Evaluations Office, UNDP, and Chair, UN Evaluation Group, and Finbar O’Brien, Director, UNICEF Evaluation Office on "The role of the United Nations in fostering national ownership and capacity in evaluation" to be held on Tuesday, June 22nd, from 9h15 to 10h30 AM NY time. Additional information on how to participate and the agenda are available in at

This webinar is part of a series of monthly webinars on "Developing national capacities for country M&E systems. Webinars will include senior evaluators from UN agencies, the World Bank, Universities and other major institutions, including Saraswathi Menon, Caroline Heider, Finbar O’Brien, Belen Sanz, Michael Quinn Patton, Craig Russon, Oscar A. Garcia, Michael Bamberger, Linda G. Morra, Jean Quesnel, David Fetterman, Hallie Preskill, Angela Bester, Alexey Kuzmin and Manuel Fernando Castro, as well as senior Government representatives responsible for the national monitoring and evaluation systems in countries in Asia and Africa, including Indran Naidoo and Velayuthan Sivagnanasoth. To access the full programme, please visit

Authors of the newly published book "From policies to results. Developing national capacities for country M&E systems" (for free download ) will present their contributions and will be available to respond to your questions.

The second webinar with Michael Quinn Patton and Marco Segone on "Future trends in evaluation" is tentatively scheduled on Thursday, July 1st, from 9h15 to 10h30 AM NY time. Additional information will follow.