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Online Discussion Engaging citizens in well-being and progress statistics

29 March 2014 | citizen engagement, gdp, good practice, statistics, well-being

Wikiprogress and partners will be hosting an online discussion on the role of citizen engagement in the development and use of well-being and progress statistics, from 22 until 30 April 2014.  ...

2014 Land and Poverty Conference: Integrating Land Governance into the Post-2015 Agenda

27 March 2014 | agriculture, gender, land governance, land rights, transparency

Every year the World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty brings together representatives from governments, civil society, academia, the development community, and the private sector to discuss issues...

Post-2015 Event: Debating the Post-2015 Data Revolution: will technology or better institutions make more of a difference?

26 March 2014 | big data, data-revolution, ict, post-2015, technology

The High-level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda first called for a “data revolution” in May 2013. Since then, a broad and numerous chorus of voices have echoed the need to...

Opening data: Have you checked your pipes?

26 March 2014 | blogpost, civic hacking, open data

Code for America alum Dave Guarino had a post recently entitled “ETL for America”. In it, he highlights something that open data practitioners face with every new project: the problem of Extracting...

Blogpost: What are the barriers for using Beyond-GDP indicators?

25 March 2014 | blogpost, gdp, indicators, well-being

This blog, written by Dora Almassy, is about the current BRAINPOol project and the barriers the project has found in trying to establish alternative indicators beyond GDP. The post is a part of the...

IMF Survey : New Tool to Improve Tax Administration

24 March 2014 | assessment tools, diagnostic tools, imf, revenue, taxation

A new assessment tool will help gauge the relative performance of tax administrations and offer insights on reform priorities going forward. Tax collection is a central function of government, and...

Post-2015: Without massive public engagement, there can be no data revolution

21 March 2014 | blogpost, civ engagement, data-revolution, open data, post-2015

In 2013, the UN Secretary General’s High Level Panel pointed to a set of ‘transformational shifts’ that could serve as markers for ongoing debate on the scope of the global development agenda after...

Call for Contributors: The Money, Politics and Transparency Project

21 March 2014 | call for contributors, evidence-based, fiscal management, indicators, legislation, methodology

Global Integrity is embarking on a partnership with the Sunlight Foundation and the Electoral Integrity Project to launch the Money, Politics and Transparency Project.  Our goal for this multi-year...

Water Governance: Better Urban Water Management Needed for Asia's Cities

20 March 2014 | asia pacific, environment, urban governance, water governance

By 2050, estimates predict that close to 70 percent of the world will live in cities. Asia is home to 17 of the 25 most densely populated cities in the world, and the mass migration from the...

Nepal: What Can a Community Do to Hold a School Accountable?

20 March 2014 | accountability, asia pacific, blogpost, community scorecards, governance and education, public service delivery

The answer from a case study in western Nepal says the answer could be one of the social accountability tools - Community Score Card (CSC).  The case study, produced by the World Bank-funded Program...

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