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Well-Being l Are Britons really more happy than in 2012?

24 October 2013 | europe, happiness, key-findings, methodology, nat statistical offices, well-being

The latest data on personal wellbeing in the UK shows anxiety levels have dropped. What is happening to life satisfaction and how does it vary across the country? Each year, the Office for National...

Dataset l Here are 315 charts on poverty and inequality.

26 August 2013 | dataset, europe, inequality, north america, oceania, oecd, poverty

The OECD is out with its latest disposable income, poverty and inequality numbers for all its member states. The full data are here, but it’s more fun to play around with the awesome interactive they...

Event:Summer School On Measurement Of Well-Being And Societal Progress

20 August 2013 | europe, gdp, indicators, social progress, summer-school, well-being, well-being measurements

The Summer School is one of the cross-cutting activities envisaged by the project with the aim of enforcing the knowledge of the beyond GDP topic and its practical application, with a special...

UK l Good news, we're slightly happier. But why?

07 August 2013 | europe, happiness measures, well-being, well-being measurements

How satisfied are you with your life? It's a question we've probably all pondered at times. But for the last two years it's also been one of a handful of new "subjective wellbeing" questions which...

New Index under construction l Pilot-project l The IDeal Index

25 July 2013 | europe, initiative, pilot projects, regional index, well-being measurements

The IDeal Index project of the Canton de Fribourg aims to establish a new progress indicator in the member regions of the Assembly of European Regions. The aim of the initiative is to give an...

Press releases - Lack of public trust in political parties undermining democracy in the Balkans

02 July 2013 | balkans, elections, eu, europe, political financing, political parties, trust

Croatia should make political party financing more transparent to strengthen its democracy as it prepares to join the European Union (EU), according to a report released today by Transparency...

First EU Gender Equality Index Reveals - the EU is only halfway towards gender equality

17 June 2013 | eu, europe, gender equality, gender sensitive data, regional index

How can we move forward when half of us are being held back? The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) is launching the first Gender Equality Index for the European Union. ‘The Gender...

Montenegro l Improving Municipal Governance and Service Delivery through Transparency in Kotor, Montenegro

25 February 2013 | capacity building, citizen monitoring, complaint and response mechanisms, europe, m&e, participatory

  Improving governance at the local level through increased transparency, voice and better service delivery was the objective of a joint project between the Centre for Democratic Transition (CDT), a...

EU: The quality of political institutions within a member state can influence the extent to which citizens perceive the EU as being democratic

09 October 2012 | democracy, eu, europe, institutions, perceptions, public opinion

Opinions on the EU’s democratic performance vary widely across the 27 member states. While citizens in some states are highly critical of the EU’s institutions, others view them much more positively...

OSCE experts to estimate preparations for elections in Ukraine May 22-25 - ForUm

08 June 2012 | cis, elections, europe, pre-election, ukraine

An expert mission of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights will arrive in Ukraine on May 22 to assess preparations for the upcoming parliamentary elections, Oleh Voloshyn,...

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