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Opening data: Have you checked your pipes?

26 March 2014 | blogpost, civic hacking, open data

Code for America alum Dave Guarino had a post recently entitled “ETL for America”. In it, he highlights something that open data practitioners face with every new project: the problem of Extracting...

Post-2015: Without massive public engagement, there can be no data revolution

21 March 2014 | blogpost, civ engagement, data-revolution, open data, post-2015

In 2013, the UN Secretary General’s High Level Panel pointed to a set of ‘transformational shifts’ that could serve as markers for ongoing debate on the scope of the global development agenda after...

¿Dónde Van Mis Impuestos? (Where Does My Money Go?): How Political Will Can Answer This Question

07 March 2014 | budget monitoring, citizen participation, expenditure-tracking, fiscal transparency, open data

When we started ¿Dónde Van Mis Impuestos? ­– the Spanish version of the Open Knowledge Foundation’s Where Does My Money Go? (a website that graphically “visualizes” how tax money is spent in...

Announcing the Local Open Data Census

27 February 2014 | local monitoring, open data, urban governance

Let’s explore local open data around the world! Local data is often the most relevant to citizens on a daily basis – be it rubbish collection times, local tax rates or zoning information. However, at...

South Korea Has Moved Backwards in Democratic Freedoms, a New Report Finds - Korea Real Time - WSJ

19 February 2014 | accountability, asia pacific, blogpost, ogp, open data, transparency

If technology makes governments more open and accountable, South Korea should be among the world’s greatest successes. This is increasingly not so, according to the findings of a draft progress...

Indonesia: Spicing up research on sub-national development through open data: Indonesia Data for Policy and Economic Research (INDO-DAPOER)

17 February 2014 | asia pacific, blogpost, indicators, open data, sub-national

It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts. – Sherlock Holmes. It's a game changer for those...

World Bank's New Website Lets Countries Compare Data on Education

03 February 2014 | comparative, data collection, data tool, governance and education, open data, tool

 As our partner Engine Room’s Susannah Vila recently asked in a post, can open data improve primary education in developing countries? She points to a number of grassroots education data initiatives...

Blog post: The road to 2015 is paved with open data

17 January 2014 | aid, blogpost, data-revolution, open data, post-2015, transparency

Transparency is a key pillar of sustainable development: an essential piece of the puzzle to enable effectiveness, accountability and social change. And in recent years, information on aid spending...

Open government data emerging, trust in government declining

13 December 2013 | citizen engagement, open data, trust

The use of open government data has declined since last year, a new study by the Initiative D21 and the Institute for Public Information Management (ipima) reported at a press conference in Berlin...

How to engineer a data-for-development revolution

05 December 2013 | data-revolution, development, open data, post-2015, public service delivery

It’s all very well calling for a revolution in data for use in post-2015 development, but what might such a revolution involve? The UN high-level panel report, which called for such a revolution...

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