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Blogpost l Participant confidentiality and open access to research data

19 February 2013 | access-to-data, data, methodology, open access, research

While protecting human subjects’ confidentiality is a long-standing practice in the social sciences, new types of digital datasets present new challenges. Tensions between privacy and openness were...

Appel de communications: Évaluation des politiques publiques dans les pays francophones

04 February 2013 | call for papers, evaluation, opportunity, research

  Le Centre de recherche et d'expertise en évaluation  (CREXE) de l'École nationale d'administration publique  (ÉNAP), Université du Québec lance un appel de communications pour un colloque intitulé...

Opportunities | Open Government Partnership IRM Local Researchers Call

23 January 2013 | open government, opportunity, research

  The Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) is seeking individuals to carry out research at the national level in 8 countries to assess government progress on...

Research to Action launched alongside 3ie PIM workshop in Cornwall

01 October 2012 | evaluation, event, evidence-based, launch, research

This week saw a meeting of international delegates involved in the Policy Influence Monitoring (PIM) project, funded by the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie), in Cornwall. To...

Blogpost: Opening Up Microdata Access in Africa

01 October 2012 | access-to-data, africa, data, open data, research, world bank

Recently I attended the inaugural meeting of the Data for African Development Working Group put together by the Center for Global Development and the African Population &...

Research Consultancy: Comparative Research on ICTs and Governance Data in Arab Region

14 September 2012 | arab states, consultancy, ict, opportunity, research, technology

UNDP Regional Center in Cairo and Oslo Governance Centre seek a consultant to conduct comparative research on ICT and governance data initiatives. This research will support the Regional Governance...

Study: Happiest countries have press freedom

27 August 2012 | blogpost, commentary, correlation, happiness, media, press freedom, research, study, well-being

Freedom of the press is a reliable indicator of a country’s happiness, journalism doctoral student Edson Tandoc Jr. concludes in a new study. Tandoc and Michigan State University’s Bruno Takahashi...

Vacancy: Consultant for Community of Practice

28 June 2012 | accountability, impact, research, transparency

  We are seeking an experienced community of practice building expert to provide advice on setting up a community of practice  around impact assessment and learning in the transparency and...

Fieldwork Launched in 52 African Countries, Call for Peer Reviewers

11 June 2012 | africa, corruption, index, integrity, opportunity, regional initiative, research

Global Integrity is embarking on a five-year collaboration with the Mo Ibrahim Foundation to generate original data on a range of governance issues across all 54 African countries. This data will...

Internet Use and Democratic Demands: A Multinational, Multilevel Model of Internet Use and Citizen Attitudes about Democracy – Journalist's Resource: Research for Reporting, from Harvard Shorenstein Center

16 April 2012 | access-to-info, civ action, comparative, correlation, ict, publication, research, social accountability, study, technology

The global relationship between the Internet and democracy has become a subject of great scholarly interest and debate. Prior research has focused on national Internet penetration and use rates and...

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