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Online Discussion Engaging citizens in well-being and progress statistics

29 March 2014 | citizen engagement, gdp, good practice, statistics, well-being

Wikiprogress and partners will be hosting an online discussion on the role of citizen engagement in the development and use of well-being and progress statistics, from 22 until 30 April 2014.  ...

Blogpost: What are the barriers for using Beyond-GDP indicators?

25 March 2014 | blogpost, gdp, indicators, well-being

This blog, written by Dora Almassy, is about the current BRAINPOol project and the barriers the project has found in trying to establish alternative indicators beyond GDP. The post is a part of the...

Blogpost: Well-being of a population is both measurable and consequential

13 March 2014 | blogpost, global indices, public health, well-being

As a nation, we are constantly monitoring and appraising the economy and our financial health.  We gather a tremendous amount of information to assess this. The Census Bureau randomly selects 60,000...

Interview: We probably should stop taking the GDP so seriously

28 February 2014 | alternative measurements, gdp, interview, radio, social progress, well-being

The U.S. government sharply revised GDP, its measure of the American economy, downward on Friday from 3.2 percent to 2.4 percent. The latest number is less impressive, although it still falls in line...

Leaving no one behind: improving data to monitor progress in slum areas

12 February 2014 | data deficit, indicators, measurement, post-2015, poverty, urban governance, well-being

Let’s say we wanted to find out whether poor people in slums have seen improvements in their living conditions over the past 15 years. It should be pretty straightforward, right? Looking at how slum...

Conference:Beyond GDP – from measurement to politics and policy -

03 February 2014 | alternative indicators, gdp, indicators, policy making, well-being

This is the final conference of BRAINPOoL (Bringing Alternative Indicators into Policy), an EU-funded project looking at the barriers to, and opportunities for the use of Beyond GDP indicators in...

Northern Ireland to measure wellbeing in bid to emulate 'happy' nation of Bhutan

23 January 2014 | alternative indicators, bhutan, gdp, well-being

It's a tiny kingdom 2,000 miles away nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas that has reputedly cracked the secret to happiness. But could Bhutan in Asia provide a blueprint for Northern Ireland's...

MyFunCity announces WBB INDEX - Well Being Brazil Index

21 January 2014 | indicators, latin america, nat index, nat initiative, public policy, well-being

The greatest satisfaction of Sao Paulo citizens stems from the Family, and the greatest discontentment lays in Health, Transportation and in the Legislative Power PR Newswire  SAO PAULO.  MyFunCity,...

Blog-post: Its eighty years since GDP was first developed, time for a different measure of national success?

07 January 2014 | blogpost, economic growth, gdp, measurement, post-2015, well-being

The global economic downturn has created something of an obsession with getting back to economic growth. Yet, on its own, growth is an incomplete guide to the wellbeing of a country. Indeed, the...

Blog post: How sustainable is well-being? Measuring resources for the future

16 December 2013 | data, oecd, statistics, sustainability, well-being

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” So said Søren Kierkegaard.  It is certainly easier to make sense of events with hindsight. The financial crisis that began in...

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