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Blog-post: Transparency and governance in the land sector: two sides of the same coin?

09 January 2014 | accountability, agriculture, blogpost, governance, odi, transparency, water

Land transparency has been on the public agenda again since the G8 summit in June this year. Two events in the same week in October showcased the issue: the Open Government Partnership annual summit...

The Accountability Revolution: New Approaches to Advancing Democratic Governance

17 December 2013 | accountability, citizen engagement, governance performance, open government, panel-discussion, usaid

With the release of the Strategy on Democracy, Human Rights and Governance earlier this year, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) presented a reformulation of its traditional...

Panel Discussion l The Why, What, and How of a Development Data Revolution

09 December 2013 | accountability, data-revolution, evidence-based, mdgs, post-2015

As we approach 2015, the UN High-Level Panel report calling for a “data revolution” has reignited debate on how the international community produces, shares, evaluates, and uses statistics. Despite...

UNDP Jobs: Governance Senior Consultant (Deadline: 07.12.2013)

02 December 2013 | accountability, anti-corruption, consultancy, e-governance, ict, integrity, service delivery, transparency, vacancy

Background UNDP support for e-Governance is part of its ongoing assistance to the Iraq in the framework of public sector moderinisation support, which aims at providing an integrated approach to e-...

The Role of Citizen Engagement in Transparency and Accountability - Open Conversations about Open Government

22 November 2013 | accountability, citizen engagement, citizenship, governance performance, government

In this open conversation, Tiago Peixoto (The World Bank), Aaron Azelton (NDI), Susannah Vila (The Engine Room), and Lee Drutman (the Sunlight Foundation) are asked about the Role of Citizen...

The Importance of Spirit: The Strengths and Limitations of ICT in Development

15 November 2013 | accountability, citizen empowerment, citizen reporting, corruption, governance, ict, ict4d, nepal

During the 2013 World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings, I attended a panel on “Development in a Digital Age,” which featured representative experts from the Institute of the Future (IFTF),Facebook,...

Blog post: Transparency & Social Accountability: Where’s the Magic?

04 November 2013 | accountability, aid, citizen engagement, global index, governance, open data, social accountability, transparency

Are citizens receiving the greatest development impact for their development dollar? This is the basic principle at the heart of International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), a voluntary, multi-...

The role of data in European democracy

31 October 2013 | access-to-info, accountability, blogpost, citizen engagement, eu, europe and cis, open data, open government, transparency

This week campaigners and officials from over 60 countries around the world are meeting in London for the Open Government Partnership Summit to discuss how to make governments more open. A major...

The UK tops the 2013 open data index but how do other countries compare?

28 October 2013 | access-to-info, accountability, global index, open data

Governments are still failing to provide "enough information in an accessible form to their citizens and businesses" according to the 2013 open data index published today by the Open Knowledge...

REDD+ Partnership meeting and Workshop in Indonesia

18 October 2013 | accountability, asia pacific, climate change, deforestation, forest governance, un-redd

The REDD+ Partnership meeting and Workshop was held in Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia from 8-11 October, 2011. 28 Partner countries and Stakeholders from more than 25 organizations...

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