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Global Meeting l Data and accountability for the Post-2015 Development Agenda

13 January 2014 | accountability, data, data-revolution, dev goals, post-2015

In 2011, UNDP, under the umbrella of the United Nations Development Group, launched an initiative to facilitate an open and inclusive process of global consultations on defining the priorities of the...

Blog-post: A focus on national capacity is needed

08 January 2014 | blogpost, data, data-revolution, evidence-based, measurement, post-2015

Whereas several blogs in this series have highlighted the need for more frequent collection of data and the exploration of different sources of data and information, it is often the absence of a...

Blog post: How sustainable is well-being? Measuring resources for the future

16 December 2013 | data, oecd, statistics, sustainability, well-being

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” So said Søren Kierkegaard.  It is certainly easier to make sense of events with hindsight. The financial crisis that began in...

Post-2015 Blog Post l Resourcing a Data Revolution for Peace and Security

30 November 2013 | data, data-revolution, governance, indicators, measure progress, peace building, post-2015

In the same way that a lack of GDP data may severely inhibit economic planning, lack of data on the size and intensity of different forms of violence similarly inhibits peacebuilding and...

How to Measure a Post-2015 MDG on Good Governance

26 November 2013 | data, global indices, good governance, indicators, post-2015

There’s been plenty of chatter in recent months about a possible post-2015 Millennium Development Goal on governance following the release of the High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015...

A new household survey to catalyse the data revolution

25 November 2013 | data, data-revolution, household survey, post-2015

Data drive policy. Yet data on poverty and deprivations are weak, limiting our poverty eradication efforts. While there have been huge leaps in the last thirty years, survey data remain severely...

Blog-Post: The Social Progress Index and Tackling the ‘Data Apartheid’

19 November 2013 | blogpost, data, data-revolution, oecd, ogp, post-2015, social progress

Last month, the Open Knowledge Foundation published a report which concluded that Governments around the world are not providing “enough information in an accessible form to their citizens and...

What to measure: the challenge for the data revolution

15 November 2013 | data, data-revolution, measurement, post-2015

Just last week, a group of scholars and practitioners from both the sustainability and development arenas came together in Colombo to discuss South Asian priorities for the post-2015 development...

Guest Post l We must end the world's data divide

04 November 2013 | blogpost, data, mdgs, measure progress, measurement, open data

The constrasting quality of data collected by different countries must be addressed, says Michael Green in this guest post responding to the open data index. This week the Open Knowledge Foundation...

Seminar l Engineering a Development "Data Revolution" at the 2013 UN General Assembly

11 September 2013 | capacity, data, data-revolution, post-2015, statistical indicators, statistics, targets

It is now well-recognised that statisticians only played a minor role in the process of defining the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the setting of targets. Indeed, the building of...

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