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Transparency is Key for Sustainable Growth, Global Panel Says

06 June 2013 | access-to-data, fiscal transparency, governance, open government, post-2015, public participation, transparency

Open and accountable government is key to successful development, according to a report by a United Nations (UN) panel released May 30. The report, titled A New Global Partnership: Eradicate Poverty...

Blogpost l How to start a transparency revolution

06 June 2013 | access-to-data, blogpost, g8, transparency

In less than two weeks, on 17th and 18th June in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland, world leaders will converge for the G8 Summit. The UK government has shown great leadership in setting a ground-breaking...

Blogpost l Participant confidentiality and open access to research data

19 February 2013 | access-to-data, data, methodology, open access, research

While protecting human subjects’ confidentiality is a long-standing practice in the social sciences, new types of digital datasets present new challenges. Tensions between privacy and openness were...

UNDP Ranks in Top 10 for Transparency

03 October 2012 | access-to-data, accra, africa, aid, aid effectiveness, comparative, global initiative, index, international org, transparency

Washington — A leading international aid transparency organization said the UN Development Programme (UNDP) "performed well" in its transparency efforts and said the agency should be congratulated....

Blogpost: Opening Up Microdata Access in Africa

01 October 2012 | access-to-data, africa, data, open data, research, world bank

Recently I attended the inaugural meeting of the Data for African Development Working Group put together by the Center for Global Development and the African Population &...

Youth perspectives on services and governance

15 June 2012 | access-to-data, africa, nat initiative, ogp, open data, open government, public service delivery, tanzania, youth

Tamasha and Twaweza have released a set of popular booklets on social change from a youth perspective. The booklets, published in Kiswahili, examine the following topics: maternal health; teen...

Blogpost: Global Financial Inclusion Indicators

08 June 2012 | access-to-data, blogpost, commentary, data, economic governance, indicators

In a recent World Bank working paper, Measuring Financial Inclusion: The Global Findex Database, we provide the first analysis of the Global Financial Inclusion (Global Findex) Database, a new set of...

Open Data Study Commissioned by the Transparency and Accountability Initiative (UNPAN, 9 NOV 2010)

10 November 2010 | access-to-data, advocacy, open data, public admin, transparency

This research explores the feasibility of advocating for open government data catalogues in middle income and developing countries. Its aim is to identify the advocacy strategies used in the US and...

Access to Americasbarometer 2010 Round of Surveys Announced (LAPOP, 6 Nov 2010)

08 November 2010 | access-to-data, latin america, regional initiative

 We are pleased to make available beginning December 1, 2010, the full data set series for the AmericasBarometer 2010.  This round has the broadest coverage to date of the AmericasBarometer,...

Blogpost: Government data: Visibility is not usability (Transparency International Georgia, 2 Nov 2010)

02 November 2010 | access-to-data, asia pacific, blogpost, central asia, georgia, open data, transparency

Putting data online is the hot new trend in transparency for governments, and the Georgian government is no exception. The Parliament recently unveiled a website where citizens can view the voting...

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