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It’s your school: keeping Mexico’s education system transparent

11 February 2014 | access-to-info, anti-corruption, blogpost, governance and education

Last December, 1,055 high school communities around Mexico – comprising almost 1.3 million students – engaged in a transparency and accountability exercise. This involves each principal of public...

Pakistan: Holding the Government Accountable

05 February 2014 | access-to-info, asia pacific, election, political accountability, scorecard, transparency

For the first time since its independence in 1947, Pakistan saw its first ever peaceful transition from one democratically elected government to another in 2013.  While this was a remarkable success...

New Indicator Framework for Assessing Forest Governance

06 January 2014 | access-to-info, brazil, cameroon, diagnostic tools, forest governance, indicators

In November, the Governance of Forests Initiative (GFI) at the World Resources Institute launched the revised GFI Indicator Framework, a tool for diagnosing the strengths and weaknesses of forest...

The role of data in European democracy

31 October 2013 | access-to-info, accountability, blogpost, citizen engagement, eu, europe and cis, open data, open government, transparency

This week campaigners and officials from over 60 countries around the world are meeting in London for the Open Government Partnership Summit to discuss how to make governments more open. A major...

The UK tops the 2013 open data index but how do other countries compare?

28 October 2013 | access-to-info, accountability, global index, open data

Governments are still failing to provide "enough information in an accessible form to their citizens and businesses" according to the 2013 open data index published today by the Open Knowledge...

Transition to Open Government in the Arab World

14 October 2013 | access-to-info, arab states, citizen engagement, open government, public participation, reforms, transparency

Over the past few years, citizens in the Middle East and North Africa region have demanded more open and inclusive governments. Transparency and public engagement are essential pillars of government...

Targeting Transparency | People, Spaces, Deliberation

04 July 2013 | access-to-info, blogpost, freedom of expression, governance, indicator, ogp, post-2015, transparency

The UN has long espoused the promotion of transparency and access to information as core elements of human rights and anticorruption efforts. In 1946, UN Resolution 59(I), adopted in the very first...

Morocco l Transparency and open budget, the true stakes in Morocco’s governance reform

10 April 2013 | access-to-info, accountability, budget, open budget

Opening up the national budget to public scrutiny is one step in the long and bumpy road to making information widely available and accessible.     Why should this matter to the average person? It is...

Liberia | Freedom of Information Act and Executive Order 38

05 December 2012 | access-to-info, africa, liberia, public service

    In recent weeks the rumor mill in Liberia, especially Monrovia has been rife with all sorts of information. While some of them have a semblance of true, others are clear lies, which are basically...

Critical remarks on investing in children: How to ensure effective and efficient investment in children and monitoring government’s investment in children « Idasa’s Weblog

03 December 2012 | access-to-info, africa, budget, children's rights, government budget

  The customary question that is asked today is how well public spending holds up after the economic crises of 2008 and 2009 and the enduring problems faced by parts of Europe? These questions are...

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