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Afrobarometer to Release Poverty Indicators in 34 Countries to Help Shape Post 2015 Agenda

27 September 2013 | africa, poverty

  Afrobarometer will release Africa-wide "lived poverty" data on Oct. 1 at a 9am panel in the Rosebank Hotel.   African countries' impressive growth in GDP is attracting optimism and investment...

Embedded learning? New case studies on civil society and the politics of government finance accountability

27 August 2013 | africa, brazil, budget monitoring, case studies, citizen participation, latin america, mexico, service delivery, south africa, tanzania, transparency

In the governance field too many learning efforts are based on selective and retrospective documentation of success stories or on politically blind “treatments” parachuted into random contexts. Both...

UN-REDD Programme - Newsletter 38 - Valuable Breakthrough in Indonesia’s Efforts Towards Improved REDD+ Governance

03 June 2013 | africa, asia pacific, competition, ecuador, events, forest governance, indonesia, latin america, mexico, mongolia, monitor prg, pga, reporting, un-redd

 Read the latest newsletter from the UN-REDD programme, which contains announcements and news-stories from the UN-REDD partner countries on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest...

Corruption? Don’t try it at my university please

29 May 2013 | africa, corruption, higher education, ict4d, kenya

  A group of 15 graduates have localised a global whistleblowing website to report indecent activities by university lecturers and administrative personnel., an Internet site...

Rwanda on the right track in local governance

29 May 2013 | africa, local governance, rwanda

  An assessment of Local Democracy and Local Governance has shown that Rwanda is on the right track in as far as the promotion of good governance and service delivery is concerned. (...)

The critical role of leadership and governance for Africa’s transformation

29 May 2013 | africa, leadership, marocco

  The Mo Ibrahim Foundation and the African Development Bank will co-host a high level event in Marrakech, as part of the AfDB’s annual meetings. The event, ‘’The critical role of leadership and...

Blogpost | Transparency: can it work for sustainable development?

28 May 2013 | africa, business, extractive, nigeria, sustainable dev, transparency

  The world is finally waking up to the need for transparency in business deals. New EU transparency legislation was announced earlier this month and next month transparency will be a major theme at...

Togo | Le Conseil National de la Statistique officiellement installé

22 May 2013 | africa, nat statistical offices, togo

  Le Conseil National de la Statistique (CNS) a été officiellement installé jeudi à Lomé par le ministre de la Planification, du Développement et de l’Aménagement du territoire, Djossou Sémondji, en...

Burkina Faso | Le Burkina Faso rend ses données publiques et lie la PGA à son système de gestion budgétaire

22 May 2013 | africa, aid management, burkina-faso, ict4d

    Development Gateway a rencontré M. Jean-Marie Kebre, Chargé de la coordination de l’aide et point focal de la PGA au sein de la Direction Générale de la Coopération (DGCOOP), au Ministère de l’...

Job Opportunity | OGP seeks researchers to evaluate progress in countries

17 May 2013 | africa, open government, opportunity

  The Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) is seeking individuals to carry out research at the national level in 39 countries to assess government progress...

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