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It’s your school: keeping Mexico’s education system transparent

11 February 2014 | access-to-info, anti-corruption, blogpost, governance and education

Last December, 1,055 high school communities around Mexico – comprising almost 1.3 million students – engaged in a transparency and accountability exercise. This involves each principal of public...

UNDP Jobs: Governance Senior Consultant (Deadline: 07.12.2013)

02 December 2013 | accountability, anti-corruption, consultancy, e-governance, ict, integrity, service delivery, transparency, vacancy

Background UNDP support for e-Governance is part of its ongoing assistance to the Iraq in the framework of public sector moderinisation support, which aims at providing an integrated approach to e-...

Russia l Crowdsourcing to Fight Corruption

07 August 2013 | anti-corruption, citizen monitoring, crowd-sourced, europe and cis, web resource, web2.0

A few weeks ago, Russia’s most popular and controversial opposition figure, anti-corruption activist Aleksei Navalny, was tossed in prison on charges of conspiring to steal money from a state owned...

Cameroon | Improving Governance Through Participatory Budgeting and Community Monitoring in Cameroon

14 December 2012 | africa, anti-corruption, cameroon, citizen monitoring, local governance, m&e, participatory budgeting, youth

  Decentralization works best when there is a robust legal framework, political will, clearly delineated responsibilities, accountability mechanisms and – most importantly – a shared vision of all...

Defence companies fail anti-corruption test

08 November 2012 | anti-corruption, corruption, defence industry, global index

  New index finds two thirds of companies do not provide enough public evidence that they adequately prevent corruption. Two-thirds of the world’s biggest defence companies do not provide enough...

Serbia: UNDP International Experts Train Serbia’s Anti-Corruption Agency in the Development of National Indicators

30 April 2012 | anti-corruption, cis, integrity, training

Originally posted at, Belgrade, 16 March 2011. A two-day training for the Serbian Anti-...

Blogpost: A New Way of Measuring Corruption in Kenya

28 March 2012 | africa, anti-corruption, cipe, global integrity, kenya, sub-saharan, transparency international

  Studies that measure public perception of corruption are a useful tool in comparing anti-corruption efforts (or the lack thereof) across countries, but they do not provide actionable data to combat...

Event: Win a free Global Integrity Dialogue Workshop!

28 March 2012 | accountability, anti-corruption, evidence-based, global integrity, reform, transparency, workshop

  As part of our effort to promote concrete policy dialogue around the findings from the recently released Global Integrity Report: 2011, Global Integrity is offering an interested government the...

The 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference, Brazil, 7-10 November 2012

29 February 2012 | anti-corruption, conference, corruption, event opportunity, integrity

Next year’s conference will support and connect people who want to change the rules of the gamePeople are devising new ways to push for greater transparency and accountability, and are standing up...

Transatlantic Conference on Transparency Research — ACRN

18 January 2012 | anti-corruption, call for papers, corruption, europe, opportunity, research

The purpose of this conference is to bring together researchers from North-America and Europe in order to exchange the latest findings and insights concerning transparency and open government. This...

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