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Gender Poll l Egypt 'worst for women' out of 22 countries in Arab world

12 November 2013 | arab states, gender based violence, gender equality, gender measures, women's rights, women-in-parliament

Egypt is now the worst country for women's rights in the Arab world, according to a poll of gender experts.   The study found sexual harassment, high rates of female genital mutilation and a growth...

Transition to Open Government in the Arab World

14 October 2013 | access-to-info, arab states, citizen engagement, open government, public participation, reforms, transparency

Over the past few years, citizens in the Middle East and North Africa region have demanded more open and inclusive governments. Transparency and public engagement are essential pillars of government...

Public Finance in the Arab World: Accountability starts with Transparency

30 September 2013 | accountability, arab states, citizen monitoring, public finance

“Connecting Voices” is a new World Bank regional initiative aimed at promoting governance, transparency, accountability, and sound financial management practices in both the public and private...

Crowdsourcing app a huge success in Abu Dhabi

17 September 2013 | arab states, citizen engagement, citizen reporting, crowd-sourced, ict, public service

In Abu Dhabi, citizens are now more empowered to make their communities a better place thanks to a new mobile application called CityGuard, which allows users to report any non-emergency civic issues...

Blog Post l Could Civic Crowdfunding Improve Governance in the Middle East?

21 August 2013 | arab states, blogpost, citizen monitoring, crowd-sourced, economic dev, egypt, governance, mobile phones, netherlands, service delivery, technology, usa

Earlier this month, in an attempt to escape the heat wave afflicting Washington DC, I sought refuge on a bus awkwardly packed with well-dressed commuters. Almost all of the commuters were looking...

Launch of New Pilot Fellowship on Democratic Governance

01 August 2013 | arab states, democratic governance, democratic transition, developing nations, fellowship, launch, ogc

UNDP and Fafo partner for research on Governance in Egypt Effective policies in democratic governance require solid, bold and relevant research. UNDP’s Oslo Governance Centre (OGC) prides itself in...

Assessing the Failed States Index Report Part 2 - The Palestinian Authority

25 July 2013 | arab states, case study, failed states, failing states, global index, index assessment, indicators, methodology

As of mid-July 2013, the Fund for Peace (FfP) has once again published its annual Failed States Index (FSI) of 178 states. Because the FfP only considers sovereign states that are members of the...

Call for Constructive feedback l Document l Directory of Think Tanks in the Arab Region.

18 July 2013 | arab states, call for feedback, democratic transition, documentation, think tanks

In the context of the recent Regional Forum Reform-oriented knowledge amid political transitions: The role of think tanks in supporting policy dialogue (Amman, 2-4 July 2013), the Foundation for the...

World Bank Engages in Building Fair and Accountable Health Systems in the Middle East and North Africa

28 June 2013 | arab states, citizen empowerment, health sector, mdgs, performance measurement, quality evaluation

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries have some of the lowest government spending on healthcare. Access to health services is inequitable and the quality of care is well below what people...

Lebanon: What are the governance prospects for the petroleum sector? | Middle East Strategic Perspectives

22 May 2013 | arab states, blogpost, financial accountability, resource governance, rule-of-law

Middle East Strategic Perspectives is publishing a series of articles and presentations to shed light on the emerging Lebanese oil and gas sector. For our second edition, we have solicited Valérie...

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