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6th meeting of Directors-General of National Statistical Offices of Africa on the Post-2015 Development Agenda

13 December 2012 | africa, au, harmonisation, nat statistical offices, statistical methods

  This Expert Meeting of the Specialized Technical Group of the SHaSA on Governance, Peace and Security Statistics is jointly organized by African Union and the UNDP Regional Centre in Dakar. A...

Support to the Harmonization of Governance, Peace & Security Statistics in Africa

13 December 2012 | africa, au, donor harmonization, nat statistical offices, statistical methods

  The continental integration process undertaken by African leaders requires reliable and harmonized statistics in all sectors, both socio-economic and political. To this end, a Strategy for the...

Tanzania: Dar es Salaam to Showcase Reforms At APRM Governance Panel

06 November 2012 | aprm, au, country findings, reform, tanzania

All is now set for President Jakaya Kikwete to showcase the country's endeavors in promoting governance in political, economic, corporate and socio-economic areas under the African Union governance...

Opportunity: Play for the Union

10 April 2012 | africa, au, opportunity, sport, youth

Play for the Union offers you the chance to have a say on the impact and implementation of policies and decisions taken by the African Union. Play for the Union is once in a life time opportunity to...

Call for Proposals: Enabling and Supporting African Citizens' Participation in Policy (State of the Union, April 4 2011)

04 April 2011 | africa, au, call for proposals, citizen monitoring, civ and pol rights, escr, evidence-based, human rights, opportunity, regional initiative

This call for proposal is part of a wider initiative within the State of The Union (SOTU) campaign to track and engage Governments and the African Union on the performance of African Governments...

Report: 2010 State of the Union Continental Report (ANSA-Africa, 2 Aug 2010)

02 August 2010 | africa, au, publication, regional initiative, report

This 2010 State of the Union Africa report assesses the continental performance of Member States against key governance, economic, social, civil and political policy standards and rights instruments...