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Where Did Press Freedom Suffer Most in 2013?

07 March 2014 | censorship, data, global index, internet, press freedom

This month the Committee to Protect Journalists released its annual analysis of Attacks on the Press, including a “Risk List” of the places where press freedom suffered most in 2013. As you might...

Monitoring Internet Openness in Africa

23 January 2013 | censorship, freedom of expression, internet

    With internet usage continuing to spread across Africa, there are numerous purposes to which African users are putting the internet – from mobile banking, to connecting with fellow citizens and...

Global Internet filtering in 2012 at a glance | OpenNet Initiative

10 April 2012 | censorship, freedom of information, global index, internet, media, report

The OpenNet Initiative (ONI) has been documenting Internet filtering globally since 2003. Since that time, the number of countries found to be engaging in the censorship of online content has...